5 Days of Kindness: World Kindness Week 2021

Empathy Explorers, the adventure continues! With World Kindness Week coming up, we would like to share a special way to infuse more kindness into your classroom.  

We all know that practicing kindness and compassion is more important than ever to help students connect with one another and build the social-emotional skills needed to succeed. This year, in celebration of World Kindness Week, we’re offering teachers small ways to help build a kinder world with 5 Days of Kindness! 

5 Days of Kindness takes classrooms on a special journey through the Great Empatico Expedition, featuring activities that, when threaded together, can help educators guide their students in understanding what kindness looks like, why it’s important, and how they can practice kindness toward others in their everyday lives! 

5 Days of Kindness includes 5 easy activities that build upon one another and culminate in a final virtual exchange. They were created with the support of our community of partners and integrate digital tools like Flipgrid, Wakelet, and Gimkit Ink.

We know educators have a lot on their plates so we’ve made it simple:

  1. Sign up to be matched with a partner classroom via empatico.org
  2. Complete one activity from our challenge for each school day during World Kindness Week (November 8-13).
  3. Complete a final virtual exchange with your partner class.

To express our gratitude to all of our explorers, educators who document their activities on social media and tag @empaticoorg will be entered to win a gift card for both their partner teacher and themselves.

Here’s a quick peek at the 5 Days of Kindness activities and some of the partners that have helped bring this challenge to life!

  • Kindness Kahoot! Quiz: Created with Kahoot!, this interactive game gives students a chance to explore different types of kindness and practice being kind with role-playing activities.
  • Kindness Poster: This quick activity introduces a set of skills that students can apply to help build a more compassionate and welcoming school environment.
  • Kind vs. Unkind Words: In this activity co-created with Connected Nation, students will reflect on the words they use to describe others and the impact they can have. This lesson also includes a Kahoot! game to reinforce students’ learning.
  • Compassion Poetry: Students have a chance to both learn and show off their creativity with this activity (created in partnership with the Merrills Edu) by writing acrostic poems all about the types of kind actions they can do for others. 
  • Ripples of Kindness: To wrap up 5 Days of Kindness, students will share a story of an act of kindness they experienced and how it shaped them. 

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at noah@empatico.org. Happy World Kindness Week, and good luck Empathy Explorers! We can’t wait to hear about your 5 Days of Kindness adventures.