Shraya Sharma Associate Content Manager Empatico

Meet the Empatico Team: Shraya Sharma

Meet Shraya! Shraya is our Associate Manager for Content at Empatico. That means she designs all the fun social-emotional learning activities educators use to foster empathy with their students. Get to know all the awesome work she does! Name:  Shraya Sharma Title:  Associate Manager, Content Where are you based?  New York City, New York  What do you …

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Meet the Empatico Team: Mike Estano

Meet Empatico’s Senior Director of Product, Mike Estano! Mike joined the Empatico Team in March of 2022, and is leading our team as we revamp the Empatico platform. Get to know more about Mike and his journey to Empatico here

Community Spotlight: Lynette Richau

This month, we’re featuring Lynette Richau, an elementary school educator of the deaf and hard of hearing. Lynette is active member of the Empatico community, and has been an Empatico Kindness Champion as well as a participant in the Empathy Across the USA: Race and Identity program. Read on to learn more about Lynette!

Dear Leaders: SEL Matters. A Lot.

Dear Leaders: SEL Actually Matters. A Lot.

Dear Leaders: SEL Actually Matters. A Lot. Emotions are running high across American public education in 2022. Pundits set on stoking the country’s divides are calling it a culture war.

Community Spotlight: Syndie White

Community Spotlight: Syndie White

At Empatico, we know how powerful sharing human stories can be. This year, we are featuring some of the amazing and inspiring stories of our community members each month. Our first spotlight is on 3rd-grade educator Syndie White of Palm Beach Florida. Our team fell in love with her personality and passion for teaching a …

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Join our Winter Holiday Quest!

At Empatico, one of our favorite parts of the winter season is learning about the holidays and traditions that are important to our friends and colleagues. This year, our team hopes to help kids around the world feel the same joy we do when we learn about new ways to observe the holidays.   Today, we’re …

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