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Check out Empatico’s New ‘Empathy Hours’

Last month we launched a limited series of brand new Empathy Hours — virtual “meetups” for educators, experts, and caregivers to stay connected, find a sense of community, and support one another through trying times.

We know supportive communities are important for everyone right now, including educators and caregivers. On a bi-weekly basis, we will provide a virtual space in which teachers who have been pillars of the Empatico community and caregivers excited to explore new educational strategies can connect with one another during a live conversation. We’ll navigate remote learning together in this new virtual community of practice. By bringing together experts and learning networks, we will encourage one another and share insights around adult well-being, remote teaching strategies, maintaining student connections, and tips for practicing mindfulness.

Please check back in for updates on the series. We will post recordings from each session below as well as a signup page for upcoming sessions!

Empathy Hour #1: April 7, 7PM EST
Educator, social emotional learning expert, and 2017 Delaware Teacher of the Year, Wendy Turner, co-hosted the first live conversation on SEL competencies and wellbeing during COVID-19, as well as healthy practices to cope with stress, uncertainty, and distancing. You can view the recording of this Empathy Hour here.

Empathy Hour #2: April 21, 1PM EST
Educator, Teach for Nigeria alumnus, and Founder / CEO of Schoolinka, Oluwaseun Kayode, will discuss the importance of finding community through connections with others, both locally and globally, during COVID-19. You can view the recording of this Empathy Hour here.

Empathy Hour #3: May 14, 7PM EST
Three caregivers share their stories of how they and their children are breaking the bounds of isolation by connecting with families across the globe using Empatico Home-to-Home Connections. Jeff Kubiak, Brittany McMillan, and Eduard Andrés Cano discuss the impact of connecting with others during times of physical distancing while exploring ways in which they and their children have continued to foster meaningful new relationships that spark empathy, kindness, community, and global learning during COVID-19. You can view the recording of this Empathy Hour here.