Become a Partner

Empatico collaborates with businesses, foundations, non-governmental and school-based organizations to engage in partnerships that support shared goals and outcomes. We customize our programs to offer best-in-class technology, an extensive content library to facilitate connections among educators and students worldwide. We have built online communities that foster meaningful relationships and facilitate effective collaboration with shared or common goals supported by our partners in a variety of industries. To learn more about how you can collaborate with Empatico, please contact

Become an Ambassador

The Empatico Ambassador community brings together teachers, administrative staff, tech/STEM coordinators, librarians, and other education professionals who share Empatico’s commitment to developing a more compassionate, empathetic future generation through collaborative, joyful experiences. This esteemed group of educators is a critical part of expanding Empatico’s reach and impact while building on their own pedagogical skills and becoming pillars of the global Empatico community. 

To learn more about the Ambassador program, please contact


Every contribution will make a difference in the lives of our educators in our communities. Because of the generous support of The KIND Foundation, all operational costs are covered which means that every dollar you donate will directly benefit the expansion of our programs anywhere in the world. At Empatico, you can be assured that your donation will directly benefit a child’s life.