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Introducing Empatico’s newest feature: match requests!

You asked and we listened! In response to what has – by far – been the #1 piece of feedback since Empatico was created two years ago, we are delighted to announce our newest feature: match requests! Educators now have the ability to request a partner from a list of available classes.

More options, same great experience

Whether you are brand new to the platform or an Empatico veteran, the next time you decide to connect with a partner class, you will see a list of all your potential matches and have the option to “pass” or “request to match”. Once two classes have both requested each other, they will be matched and can start sharing messages and connecting!

You will be able to view the name and location of available partner classes, and each potential match will have similar student ages, activity and language preferences, and class schedules. We will let you know via email when new potential matches are available or when another class has requested to match with your class. For now, classes can still only be matched with one other partner class at a time. For more information on our matching process, check out our FAQ.

Image of 3 phones demonstrating match request process
View the name and location of available partner classes with similar student ages, activity and language preferences, and class schedules. You can “pass” or “request to match” – once two classes have both requested each other, they can start sharing messages and connecting!

Choose your adventure

We have heard from many educators that a connection with a class in a specific location can be helpful to align with curriculum or areas of focus within existing lessons, so we are thrilled to empower educators to play a more active role in choosing their partner class and connecting with the world around them. Now you will have the freedom to choose a partner class that may be in a country more representative of your students’ backgrounds or an area that is related to your or your students’ travel – whatever your interests may be, we hope this change will better enable you to meet your classroom’s needs.

As always, we strive to create long-distance matches (at least 300 miles apart) to increase the opportunities for students to meet their peers from different communities. However, it is still possible your potential matches will be from the same global region or country as you. Nonetheless, many Empatico educators have found tremendous value in connecting their students with peers who live in a different community, even within their own country! We encourage you to explore connections with classes in a range of locations to expand learning opportunities for your students. 

We hope you’ll have the chance to request a match soon and would love to hear what you think! As always, please reach out to us at with any feedback or questions. And if you haven’t already, sign up for our email list to make sure you don’t miss any future updates!

“First and foremost my students enjoyed the fact that they are sharing their own culture with someone else, someone far away. They enjoyed the fact that the interaction closed the gap between us. They just kept asking questions – about culture, way of life there, about who does what, and on the other side, too, they kept asking us questions.” 

– Bukola Amao Taiwo, 3rd grade teacher from Lagos, Nigeria