Ryan Modjeski

Planting the Seeds for a Better Tomorrow


When I joined Empatico as the executive director almost a year ago, I joined a global community that’s passionate about the same things I am—connecting educators and broadening the minds of students around the world through empathetic, social, and emotional skill building.

We live in an increasingly connected world where language and geographic barriers are dissolving more and more each day. I believe that young students need to be prepared for this future and our world will be a better place because of it. We can only get there if we learn to listen to one another and work together. Empatico is planting the seeds for a better tomorrow.

This year, we undertook a massive project to overhaul our connection platform. We heard your feedback, hired experts, added some special new features, and developed a more robust, connected experience.

This new version of Empatico is community-driven. It will allow educators to create multiple matches and chat seamlessly within the platform. It’s more flexible and it empowers educators to connect in a variety of ways. It’s also more fun with our expanding library of teacher-tested content and curriculum. 

We hope that this new version of Empatico will feel familiar but new. Throughout this next year, we will continue to build and add, so expect more updates of exciting growth, partnerships, and features that will make Empatico something you use over and over in your classroom!

Ryan Modjeski