Start your 2022 with our New Year’s Quest!

Start your 2022 with our New Year’s Quest!

Happy 2022! 

Last year was a roller coaster of change and new experiences. After reflecting on last year’s journey, Empatico is excited to start the new year with more opportunities to spread joy, learn and connect. 

To help kids reflect on last year’s experiences and celebrate the new year, we’re ringing in 2022 with a New Year’s Quest through the Great Empatico Expedition! Lead your class through a series of activities that culminate in a resolution-setting exercise to help them set kindness goals for the year. Your students can find new, fun ways to practice kindness and empathy while sparking joy in the classroom and helping them build new friendships.

To join us on this quest, guide your students through these 5 activities:

  • Reflecting on Our Year: Get your quest started by encouraging students to reflect on their feelings and experiences from the past year and hopes for 2022 with our Wakelet template!
  • Practicing Wellness: Using a Book Creator template, students can think about the importance of practicing kindness to themselves and set goals to turn their reflections into action.
  • Empathy Hearts: In this activity created in partnership with Six Seconds, students can uncover what practicing empathy in their day-to-day lives looks like.
  • Secret Kindness Agents: This activity invites students on a mission to secretly complete kind acts and express their appreciation for members of their school community!
  • Empathy Resolutions: Wrap up your quest by setting empathy resolutions for the coming year with this activity featuring a Flipgrid template.

This is only the beginning of a new set of adventures through the Great Empatico Expedition, so keep an eye out as we announce new quests in the coming months! For any questions, feel free to reach out to From all of us at Empatico, Happy New Year! We’re so excited to hear about what you learn on your New Year’s Quests!