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How to incorporate reflection exercises in your lessons

Reflection is a necessary, but sometimes overlooked, part of learning. It allows students and teachers to process experiences, refine their thinking, and deepen understanding. Reflection can take a variety of formats from journal writing, to individual student reflection, to group discussion. But one of the most effective and engaging ways to incorporate reflection exercises into …

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Empatico Skills: Spotlight on critical thinking activities

Critical thinking is an essential skill in today’s classroom that not only benefits students’ academic learning but also supports social interactions and relationships as it is closely related to problem solving, perspective taking, and conflict resolution. Critical thinking helps students understand the difference between assumptions, opinions, and facts as well as how to investigate new …

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Teaching empathy – is it possible?

While it’s tough to claim that one can ‘teach’ empathy, educators can create experiences that help students exercise their ability to empathize with other people. In particular, educators can help students learn about their own points of view, appreciate different perspectives, think critically about different perspectives, and cooperate and communicate in a respectful, positive manner. Empatico activities incorporate each of these key skills to help educators and students as they practice empathy in the classroom.

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Why 21st century skills are essential for today’s students

When students learn to look from the perspective of others, think critically, communicate respectfully, and cooperate, they are equipped with the skills to succeed in an interconnected world and navigate their differences with curiosity and kindness – in the present and for years to come.