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3 Ways Empatico Can Help Your Students Stay Connected

While a classroom to classroom video exchange may not be possible right now, connecting through Empatico can still be a great opportunity to learn how other communities are approaching or defining “learning” during this time as well as a great way for students to stay connected with each other while physically apart.

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Creating Connections in a Time of Social Distancing

Now, more than ever, we recognize the need to come together as a community, and to support one another as we venture into uncharted territories and adapt to the realities of remote learning. We hope the Empatico community can serve as a space to share ideas and resources, connect with one another, and foster ongoing conversations as we continue to adjust in the coming weeks.

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The power of social and emotional learning for building strong relationships

Focusing on SEL in the classroom can help students manage emotions and communicate respectfully and efficiently, which in turn can improve interpersonal relationships and reduce bullying. In the classroom and beyond, SEL helps students solve problems and demonstrate more prosocial behaviors such as kindness and empathy.