Students gather around the globe.

Thank You for Being Part of Empatico’s Journey

As the school year winds down for many all over the world, we want to say thank you to our educators, our students, our partners, and all those who are a part of the Empatico community. Thank you for being a part of another empathy-filled year, and thank you for being a part of Empatico’s journey. 

Empatico was launched in 2017 with a mission to empower students to form meaningful connections that foster a more empathetic world.  Since then, more than 2 million students have participated in Empatico’s activities. We have hosted over 4,000 exchanges which have engaged students from over 150 countries. Students of all ages have connected with themselves, each other, and the world through Empatico’s tools, activities, and programs.

We are very proud of the impact we have all made together.

Students gather with their teacher around a globe. Thank you, Empatico educators and students!
Thank you, Empatico educators and students!

While we are proud of Empatico’s impact on our world, our exchange program has not achieved the level of scale to justify our continued investment in this platform. Despite our best efforts, we have not been successful in driving the tool’s maximum impact on our own. With this in mind, we have decided to suspend the exchange program, with the last exchanges taking place on June 12. 

While we are suspending exchanges for now, we are also excited to build the next phase of Empatico’s journey together as Builders.

Builders is a global initiative spearheaded by a coalition of leaders, including Empatico’s founder, Daniel Lubetzky, aimed at addressing the pervasive “us vs. them” mentality that has led to polarization worldwide. The organization is dedicated to equipping people with the skills, tools, and network to overcome extremist thinking and to work together on pragmatic solutions. Within the space of education, the Builders Toolkit will deliver resources to promote critical thinking and deliberative dialogue among students and educators. By empowering young people to question rigid ideologies and engage in constructive discourse, Builders aims to help cultivate a generation of thoughtful problem-solvers.

We are pleased to share that Empatico’s library of online activities is being added to the Builders Toolkit, where it will be shared, free of cost, with millions of students and educators. Empatico’s work will continue as part of the Builders organization, which will carry forth our mission to foster a more empathetic world in which our differences make us stronger. 

What does this mean for you now?

  • Join us in honoring all the connections that have been made over the past seven years. Say “Thank you!” to a partner classroom, have one last virtual exchange, or share about your experience on social media and tag @EmpaticoOrg – get creative!
  • If you have an exchange scheduled, consider using Google Meet or Zoom instead! If you wish to remain in contact with your current connections, be sure to reach out to them and exchange contact information before June 13th.
  • You will still be able to access our Activity Library by visiting our website, with no need to log in moving forward.
  • Join us for the next phase of Empatico’s journey with Builders at

Thank you again for joining us on this journey so far. Wherever your path takes you next, we look forward to seeing how you continue to spread empathy, near and far. Take care and stay safe.