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Strengthening students’ social-emotional learning and empathy through activities and virtual exchanges.

More than 23,000 educators in 131 countries have used Empatico’s platform to impact over 2,000,000 students around the world.

It All Starts With Empathy

Empathy is an important skill that allows us to understand and connect with others. It’s a skill that can be learned and developed. The current science of empathy states that there are three basic domains:

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Feeling what others feel

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Understanding what others think

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Taking action to help others

The Empathy Framework

Created by Empatico, the Empathy Framework is a tool that takes the current science one step further by recognizing there are also different levels of application. These include practicing empathy toward oneself, toward others and toward the rest of the world.

By understanding the different dimensions of empathy and each of the 9 skills within them, educators can help their students develop the empathy they need to build positive connections with others and create a more compassionate world together.

Nine skills that connect students with:

Each other
The world

What’s Inside Empatico?

Empathy Centered Activities

Empatico has over 100 activities based around our Empathy Framework, a unique, skill-based model for understanding and strengthening empathy in your students.

Explore the World and Make Connections

Find other educators in Empatico’s global community, create a network, and get to know them and their classes.

Message and Schedule

Communicate and share ideas about empathy with your new network of teacher friends with our built-in tools and schedule live exchanges to let your students meet.

Have Live Exchanges

By having your students meet virtually to share thoughts, collaborate on activities, and learn from one another, they’ll be on their way to becoming empathetic citizens of the world.

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