A wonderful way to connect and collaborate with other classrooms from around the world.

The World Languages Challenge 

Every February is dedicated to a full month of celebrations that honor diversity, inclusivity, and the vibrant history of cultures around the world, but that doesn’t mean you and your students can’t participate all year round! View our various language learning activities, for students ages 5-18 years old, and have fun with other classrooms worldwide!

This initiative is open to language enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners exploring new languages to advanced learners looking to practice with native speakers!

How to Join the Fun! 

To participate in the World Languages Challenge, simply sign up and create a FREE account and then join this special community once you are inside the Empatico platform.

This unique space serves as a hub for global educator connections, language-focused activities, and cross-cultural conversations between classrooms.

Language Activities

Throughout the World Languages Challenge, you and your students – whether they are beginners exploring new languages, or advanced learners seeking to practice with native speakers – will explore themes such as Greetings, Slang and idioms, Music, and Words from the heart. Each activity includes an in-class discussion that invites students to share about their native languages (or languages they are learning), as well as extension prompts that guide you and your students through live exchanges (virtual video calls) or sharing photos and videos with other classrooms.

The World Languages Challenge offers a unique opportunity for educators, whether they are introducing students to new languages or guiding advanced learners in practicing their language skills, to foster a shared love for languages and cultural diversity.

By joining the Empatico community, educators and their students can foster a shared love for languages and cultural diversity well beyond this challenge!