Empathy Framework

Empatico has created the Empathy Framework, a unique, skill-based model for understanding empathy. This framework draws on research from a range of disciplines, including education, psychology, sociology, conflict resolution, and communication.

Our Content

Empatico’s free activity library features content that supports the application of social-emotional learning skills across school subjects from STEM and civics, to literacy and art, and includes bite-sized activities that educators can use to easily infuse empathy into their classrooms. Popular activities include:

Kids in classroom looking at notebook

Get to Know You: Meet your partner class over a live virtual exchange, and encourage students to ask fun questions and share about themselves and their community.

How to be Kind: A video exploring the different facets of kindness and what it means to be kind. 

How to Make Friends: A video explaining the five steps for making new friends. 

Festivals Around the World: Explore different festivals that are celebrated around the world and invite students to share about a holiday or festival that is important to them.

Empathy Hearts: Engage students in a discussion about empathy and different ways to show care and concern for others.

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We offer customized programs for classrooms to connect around topics of shared interest and for educators to interact with one another in an exclusive, private network. Our current initiatives include:

Kids in classroom laughing

The Coding with Empathy Challenge, supported by The Stevens Initiative and developed in partnership with Code.org, pairs classrooms in the U.S. with peers in Egypt for collaborative coding activities that teach youth to use computer science and social emotional skills like empathy to meaningfully address a challenge in their community.

The Macmillan Virtual Classroom Exchange is a unique feature of Macmillan’s Gateway to the World course that allows secondary educators to connect their classrooms on Empatico’s platform to practice English in an authentic way that promotes collaboration and intercultural awareness. 

The Wakelet Ambassadors Program offers Wakelet community members access to all the Empatico library has to offer and more, including opportunities to utilize Wakelet’s unique collaboration tools to enhance the Empatico experience, and meet other Wakelet users through a closed portal on Empatico. 

The New York Life Foundation and First Book Empathy Book Club, powered by Empatico, pairs classrooms in the United States to learn about empathy and kindness through monthly book club meetings, where volunteers from the New York Life Foundation join to read and guide discussions.

Empathy Across the USA, supported by the Stand Together Foundation and the Longview Foundation, and developed in partnership with the Greater Good Science Center and Project 2043, connects 3rd-5th grade classrooms in the United States across racial and socioeconomic differences to build empathy and understanding, and empower students to take compassionate, informed action on local issues that affect their communities. 

Ambassador Program

Empatico Ambassadors serve as mentors and community role models for Empatico’s values, and we host a community of practice for educators to share and learn best practices among global peers.