Author name: Christina Bruno

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Empatico Skills: Spotlight on perspective taking activities

The ability to understand another person’s perspective can help with students’ social skills and relationships within the classroom and beyond, which can have a profound effect on everything from classroom culture to individual student learning and mental health. Perspective taking is one of the first steps to relating to another person’s life experiences as it …

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Empatico Skills: Spotlight on critical thinking activities

Critical thinking is an essential skill in today’s classroom that not only benefits students’ academic learning but also supports social interactions and relationships as it is closely related to problem solving, perspective taking, and conflict resolution. Critical thinking helps students understand the difference between assumptions, opinions, and facts as well as how to investigate new …

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The power of social and emotional learning for building strong relationships

Focusing on SEL in the classroom can help students manage emotions and communicate respectfully and efficiently, which in turn can improve interpersonal relationships and reduce bullying. In the classroom and beyond, SEL helps students solve problems and demonstrate more prosocial behaviors such as kindness and empathy.

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How to make virtual exchange happen in your classroom

Virtual exchanges offer the opportunity for students to have deep, meaningful, and interactive conversations with their peers around the world, which can be especially important for those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to travel internationally. They teach us that even if geography separates us, people still share many similarities around the world.

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Why 21st century skills are essential for today’s students

When students learn to look from the perspective of others, think critically, communicate respectfully, and cooperate, they are equipped with the skills to succeed in an interconnected world and navigate their differences with curiosity and kindness – in the present and for years to come.