Be An Author Month: Inspire Students to Find Their Voice!

"Be An Author Month," an opportunity for students to write their own books!

Empatico is thrilled to announce our partnership with Book Creator for the celebratory “Be An Author Month” this March 2024. This month, dedicated to literacy and creativity, aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering understanding and empathy through education. By partnering with Book Creator, we’re excited to encourage students to not just become consumers of stories but creators of their own narratives.

“Be An Author Month” is a time to encourage students to explore their creativity, articulate their thoughts, and find the power in their voices. Through this initiative, we aim to inspire both students and teachers to embrace the joy of creating something tangible—a book that can be shared beyond the confines of the classroom, instilling a sense of pride and achievement in young authors.

The essence of “Be An Author Month” lies in finding, refining, and recording your voice. This year, we’re embracing a broad spectrum of expression, from writing and drawing to coding and video recording. The possibilities are limitless, and we encourage educators and students to combine their favorite apps in an “AppSmash” to create something truly unique.

Empatico’s partnership with Book Creator for “Be An Author Month” reflects our dedication to empowering students and teachers with innovative tools for learning. By providing a platform for students to express themselves, we’re not just fostering literacy; we’re nurturing the next generation of thinkers, writers, and creators. Join us in celebrating this exciting month and help bring literacy to life in classrooms around the world. Let’s create, share, and inspire together.

How to take part in Be An Author Month

Head over to the Book Creator website to get started – you’ll find:

  • Templates to help with reading and writing
  • An Activity Journal for something to do for every day in March
  • Inspirational webinars to motivate and inform you
  • A special collaborative project for the whole world to participate in!

Get Started

Empatico and Book Creator’s collaboration for “Be An Author Month” serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that creative expression can have on learning. By allowing students to share their voices and stories, we’re not just enhancing their literacy skills; we’re also building empathy, understanding, and a sense of global community. Don’t miss this chance to transform your classroom into a vibrant space of authorship and creativity.