Celebrating Inclusion in the Classroom: A Focus on International Women’s Day

March 8th marks a special day worldwide: International Women’s Day. It’s a day dedicated to honoring the achievements and roles of women in society. This year, we’re encouraged to “Inspire Inclusion,” spotlighting the critical importance of diversity and empowerment in every corner of our lives, including education. Seeking ways to weave discussions about identity and inclusion into your lessons? You’re in the right place. Our partners at 826 National have helped us develop engaging activities for your students that highlight these themes beautifully.

Nurturing Young Minds Through Inclusive Poetry

Poetry serves as a unique vessel for the expression and exploration of identity. It’s an ideal medium for fostering inclusion in the classroom. This International Women’s Day, we encourage educators to embark on a journey of creative discovery with their students. For the younger audience, our “What Do Sounds Feel Like” activity provides a fun and engaging way to explore emotions and self-expression through onomatopoeia. Guide students to craft poems that utilize sound effect words, capturing the essence of different feelings. This activity boosts creativity and promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse experiences and voices of young women and girls globally.

Empowering Older Students with Memory Maps and Poetry

For older students, the “Where I’m From” poetry activity is more suitable. It offers a profound opportunity to reflect on the individuals, places, and experiences that have molded them. By creating memory maps, students delve into the moments and elements that hold special significance in their lives. This introspective journey leads to the creation of personalized poems that celebrate the multifaceted narratives and perspectives of women worldwide. Such activities enhance literacy skills and encourage students to recognize and value the diversity within their classrooms and communities.

Fostering Inclusion in the Classroom Through Empathy

As educators, integrating discussions of identity and inclusion into our lesson plans, especially in observance of International Women’s Day, is a crucial step towards cultivating a learning environment that champions diversity and empathy. This approach is in perfect harmony with Empatico‚Äôs Empathy Framework, which is designed to deepen students’ understanding of different perspectives and backgrounds. By engaging students in activities that encourage self-expression and the recognition of diverse narratives, we lay the groundwork for a generation that not only values but thrives on inclusivity. Let’s join hands in this vital mission to nurture empathy among our students. Become a part of our vibrant community of educators committed to making a difference through empathy and inclusion. Sign up today and unlock the transformative power of empathy in your classroom.