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Is Empathy Nature or Nurture?

The team at Empatico recently passed on questions they often hear from teachers, parents, and other people interested in the social emotional learning programming they’ve developed based on their Empathy Framework (which you can find below): “Is empathy nature or nurture? Is it an ability humans are just born with, or can it be learned?” …

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Technology for Good Could Save the World

This weekend, I took my two daughters to the zoo in Los Angeles, where I live. As we stood looking over the tiger enclosure, my 11-year-old turned to me and explained that she was feeling conflicted. She was having fun, she said, but she recently wrote a paper for school about the problems that animals in zoos face, and learned that some people believe that zoos shouldn’t even exist.

Dear Leaders: SEL Matters. A Lot.

Dear Leaders: SEL Actually Matters. A Lot.

Dear Leaders: SEL Actually Matters. A Lot. Emotions are running high across American public education in 2022. Pundits set on stoking the country’s divides are calling it a culture war.

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Why 21st century skills are essential for today’s students

When students learn to look from the perspective of others, think critically, communicate respectfully, and cooperate, they are equipped with the skills to succeed in an interconnected world and navigate their differences with curiosity and kindness – in the present and for years to come.