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New Resources to Support Educators and Families amid School Closures

As educators and families adjust to a new reality of remote learning, Empatico is also adapting to continue spreading empathy and community. We are pleased to announce two new resources: 

  1. Bite-size Empatico Skill Activities for caregivers to use with learners at home 
  2. A limited series of brand new Empathy Hours — virtual “meetups” for educators, experts, and caregivers to stay connected, find a sense of community, and support one another through trying times

Our Bite-size Empatico Skills empower caregivers to foster social-emotional learning at home while also focusing on literacy skills. Even though students may be separated from their friends and peers, we can help them maintain well-being and keep their interpersonal skills sharp through simple exercises in respectful communication and perspective taking. Expect to see the same, research-backed and thoughtful approach of Empatico’s full activities in our Bite-size Empatico Skills, just simplified and adapted for at-home use.

Supportive communities are also important for educators and caregivers themselves. That’s why Empatico is launching our new Empathy Hour series. On a bi-weekly basis, we will provide a virtual space in which teachers who have been pillars of the Empatico community and caregivers excited to explore new educational strategies can connect with one another during a live conversation. We’ll navigate remote learning together in this new virtual community of practice. By bringing together experts and learning networks, we will encourage one another and share insights around adult well-being, remote teaching strategies, maintaining student connections, and tips for practicing mindfulness. You can view the recording of the last Empathy Hour here and hear about upcoming Empathy Hours by joining our Empatico Educators Facebook Group here.  

Please be encouraged to reach out to support@empatico.org with any questions, comments, or concerns. We would be happy to help you use our new Bite-size Skills or get involved with our community! 

– The Empatico Team